Looking at the news as of late it is easy to get discouraged at the direction our country is going. Just as the administration announces its plans to cut our military, Russia displays its force by invading its neighbor Ukraine. As this is going on we learn that china has increased its military spending by 12%, and is supportive of Russia. Could they be thinking about doing the same with Taiwan?

Further evidence is mounting in the scandal involving the IRS targeting of conservatives. The president’s response is that there is not a “smidgeon of corruption” regarding the matter. Yet when congress tried to get answers from the person in charge of the IRS division in the center of the scandal she invokes the Fifth Amendment, twice, and does not testify. What is she afraid of saying if there is not a smidgeon of corruption?

If these were the only two bleak issues facing the way our country is being run it would be enough to give us a feeling of disgust, but there is so much more. Hillary continues to take no responsibility for her bungling of the situation in Benghazi. Obama continues to side step congress and change laws at will. Obamacare continues to push up insurance premiums and deductibles. Job growth, when factored with labor participation rate, has been stagnant for years. Eric Holder and the justice department continue to snub any effort at transparency, most notably in the Fast and furious case. Government agencies are accelerating their push to regulate with new rules that act as laws without any action from Congress: The EPA is pushing regulations to limit greenhouse gasses despite studies saying it will be disastrous to jobs and the economy, and the IRS is pushing regulations that will severely limit free speech. The list goes on and on.

But alas there is hope! The annual Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, began yesterday and it shows that there is still hope for a Golden America where clearer heads will prevail. With all the jabber form the left on how the conservative movement is in disarray, it is a reliving feeling to see so many of the conservative stalwarts standing together and expressing ideas on how to return our country to the prosperity, justice and strength that made us great.

Ted Cruz, whom the left has tried to portray as being too far right for established GOP, gave a rousing speech on curbing the IRS and reforming our tax laws to be fair for everyone. Tomorrow, Ed Gillespie, who’s running for Senate in Virginia is speaking; according to the left he is Mr. GOP Establishment. Yet here is the coming together of conservatives with different views, and it doesn’t stop there. Paul Ryan’s speaking; wasn’t he on the squish list not long ago for the budget deal and sounding cheery about immigration reform? Senator Pat Toomey’s speaking; I guess his gun deal with Joe Manchin isn’t such a dealbreaker. Senator Marco Rubio’s speaking, wasn’t he supposed to get driven out over the Gang of Eight deal?

The fact of the matter is that the conservative movement is alive and stronger than ever. We have lots of good people, with lots of good ideas, that have the mindset and the conviction to bring our country back. The point must be to stick together and make our great ideas be known to all. N.J. Governor Chris Christie got a standing ovation from the crowd following his speech in which he said: “The GOP is for entrepreneurship and innovation and against the cold, hard hand of government.” But perhaps the most important line from his speech, and the theme that should be remembered all the way to election day is: “We don’t get to govern if we don’t win, let’s come out of this conference resolved to win elections again.”

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